Apartments in the heart of the Ardent City...

Liège, also dubbed the Ardent City, abounds in activities and cultural sites to visit. A city renowned for its characteristic dishes – Liège meatballs, Liégeois coffee, Liège waffles, or even syrup from Liège – it will spark your passion and immerse you in its history. Bring your curiosity and set out to explore some heritage, on a journey like no other.

La Maison de Chestret is ideally situated : close to the city centre, the right distance away from the buzzing student nightlife that lights up Le Carré or the 15th August festivities in Outremeuse. If these places take your fancy, a short walk of just 10 minutes will acquaint you with the festive spirit of the Liégeois.

Undertake an artistic journey.

Liège offers an abundant cultural landscape. Each quarter is home to prestigious museums along varied themes, such as the Grand Curtius which houses art and history collections, or the musée de la Boverie which exhibits the permanent collection of the Fine Arts Museum. Aficionados of the lyrical art will be able to (re)discover iconic compositions at the Opéra Royal de Liège or premieres at the théâtre de Liège.

Step into Liégeois shoes...

... and go local ! Living true to their simpatico motto, "oufti!", Liège's locals are festive and delight in daily life's small pleasures. They always start their day with a little coffee at the corner bistro, savouring their moment of peace. On fine days, they stroll in the parc de la Boverie or visit the greenhouses of the jardin Botanique. If the weather is unsettled, the Liégeois always adapt : shopping trip , cinema , show … Towards dusk, they prepare their night-time adventures. A snack with friends, cocktails on the terrace and brand-new encounters. Over to you to plan your Liège outing !

Go back in time.

Set off to explore the best antiques and bric-a-brac dealers in Liège... and beyond ! As both an antiquarian and a collector of precious objects, Aurore knows the right addresses. She will take you to prestigious salons of art and antiquities such as the TEFAF in Maastricht or the BRAFA in Brussels. Don't like the idea of travelling far? Stroll around the local bric-a-brac shops and markets. A real institution that brings together hundreds of vendors every Sunday, the marché de la Batte is the place to be for purchasing fresh, high-quality products. If you are on the lookout for furniture and miscellaneous objects, explore the brocante de Saint-Pholien flea market that is held on the Boulevard de la Constitution every Friday.

Look after your fitness.

Feeling the need to let off steam? Slip on some suitable clothing and launch yourself into a jogging session along the Meuse. As you run, you'll discover numerous landmarks such as the Aquarium-Muséum or the Palais des Congrès. There is a variety of itineraries available, suited to all fitness levels. Feel free to ask Aurore for advice.

Unlock the doors to wellbeing.

An uncluttered mind is a luxury. Enjoy some relaxation, courtesy of many recreational activities close by. 600 metres away from La Maison de Chestret, Louvrex Les Bains Louvrex Les Bains opens the doors of its wellness centre and guarantees you a true getaway with personalised treatments and a private spa. Fancy making a splash? Aurore will meet you at the piscine de Jonfosse for a swim. Complete your wellness programme with some traditional Chinese massages in one of the centres in Rue des Guillemins. Just ask and Aurore will book your favourite treatments at home: hairdresser, makeup specialist, masseur, sports coach, etc.

Gastronomic get-togethers.

Never let it be said that Liège is short of restaurants! Wake up your taste buds with lavish, gourmet cuisine, such as the traditional Liège-style meatballs at the Grand Café de la Gare. Alternatively, explore the addresses that will take you to Italy, like the not-to-be-missed Sottopiano, or to more exotic countries, courtesy of Namasté India. There's something for all tastes !

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